Sunday sporty Sunday (U2)

Hello world,

I’m so proud of my sporty weekend! Today I spent all my afternoon at the gym and yesterday for the first time in my life I played paddle with some friends. After the first 15 minutes of explanations of the rules and comic scenes (my favorite: standing in a super professional position, ready to catch the ball that without explanation mysteriously goes through your racket), I have to say that I found out another sport I like. I really had fun. You should try it.

This last week was quite busy for me. I was in Milano for a job and took advantage to spend some time with my family. It’s always nice to be cuddled by Mum (no need to tell you she always cooks my favorite dishes and buys me all the things she knows I like 😉 ).

After a not so soft landing in Barcelona at 2.35am – our flight suffered a ‘beyond reality delay’ of more than 3 hours due to a mysterious fog all concentrated above El Prat (that I still can’t explain to myself)- I had another full day filming one of the next TV commercials for a very important Mexican client. I like acting. The more I act the more I like it. It’s such a dynamic profession.

I leave you some pictures of my transformation of the day. As you can see I arrived to the set under the same conditions of 7am, when I arrived at the meeting point 🙂 . Hope you like them.

Mille Baci a tutti e buon inizio settimana!


Renata Zanchi - As you can see I have little hair Ajajaja!! This is what I call lion style!! Aaaaaarrrrrg

Renata Zanchi - Make-up artists hands in progress. How could the world exist without them?!? :-)

Renata Zanchi - Make-up done! Waiting for the final touch on my hair!

Renata Zanchi - Ready to film! I loved my look of that day, especially for my Tenente Colombo style coat! That was definitely my job!! :-)

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